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Japanese grammar: ぶち~(ぶっ~、ぶん~)

Did you know that you can make a Japanese verb sound more violent and vulgar by adding ぶち (buchi-) to the front of it? ぶち originally came from the verb うつ (utsu, “to hit”), so it sort of adds a hitting/smacking feeling to whatever word you put it on.

  • 壊す(こわす/kowasu) “break”-> ぶち壊す(buchikowasu) “SMASH”
  • 込む(こむ/komu) “go in”-> ぶち込む (buchikomu) “toss/throw in”

ぶち only goes on some verbs (you wouldn’t say ぶちよむ for “read violently”, for example. That would be weird), and depending on the verb, it sometimes changes to ぶっ (bu’-) or ぶん (bun-) to make it easier to say.

  • 殺す(ころす/korosu) “kill”-> ぶっ殺す(bukkorosu) “kill violently, destroy, waste”
  • 潰す(つぶす/tsubusu) “crush, squish”->ぶっ潰す(buttsubusu) “CRUSH”
  • 殴る(なぐる/naguru) “hit”-> ぶん殴る (bunnaguru) “hit hard, slug, wallop”

That last example word is used by Rin from Blue Exorcist (pictured above) when he decides to become an exorcist despite literally being the spawn of Satan. When asked “But what would you even do as an exorcist?” Rin replies:

サタンをぶん殴る!!! (Satan wo bunnaguru!!!)
which is usually translated as “Kick Satan’s ass!” or “Beat the shit out of Satan!” It’s the ぶん- that turns that sentence from “I’m gonna punch Satan” to “I’m gonna punch Satan SO HARD omfg you don’t even know”


"How’s that essay going?"


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this happened

Don’t disappoint me so much.

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so i finally did the thing!

animated & colored in Ps



words i use in every sentence:

  • no
  • stop
  • dude
  • literally
  • like
  • seriously
  • man

that was a sentence right there

“No! stop dude, literally like seriously, man.”


the original plan with this was to do some cel shading practice but since that’s going to take another century until I finish, and I want to update my demo reel like NOW, this second, this INSTANT..this is it. 

check out my website if you have absolutely nothing better to do

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*sees good art*
*gets excited*
*thinks I can art*
*tries to art*
*cant art*

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たんぶらロゴの横にハートついてる!かわ!バレンタイン仕様ですか? うおお今更バレンタイン絵かきたくなってきた

手ブロでかいた高尾ちゃんこっちにものっけときます(◜▿‾   )


NEW MEME ladies and gentlemen!